SUSTAINABLE BIZ CANADA: Three Sixty Solar completes solar tower trial in B.C.

Tyler Choi Business editor, Sustainable Biz Canada Three Sixty Solar’s solar tower withstood extreme weather conditions like freezing temperatures and snow in a 16-month trial. (Courtesy Three Sixty Solar) An iconic image of the traditional solar farm is the sprawl of panels extending beyond sight. Three Sixty Solar Ltd., a Vancouver-headquartered company, is flipping this picture […]

PV MAGAZINE USA: Solar tower of power shows benefits

Published: March 2, 2023 – PV Magazine Solar tower of power shows benefits of vertical installations Three Sixty Solar, a commercial and utility solar developer, published a report this week that provides background on its vertically-mounted solar system’s initial 16 months in operation. The design of Three Sixty Solar’s solar towers uses up to 90% […]

NEO Spotlight | Three Sixty Solar

Check out the video replay of the NEO Exchange Spotlight Q&A featuring Three Sixty Solar. Short, sharp, and packed with insight, we hear from CEO Brian Roth about the company’s innovative solar tower structures and plans for growth. On a mission to create a world powered by renewabler esources, Three Sixty designs, builds, and installs […]